Sunday, April 17, 2005

Scott Spiezio career deathwatch update: In the first 14 times Super Scott has stepped to the plate in '05, he has put the ball in play a total of five times. He has become a two-true outcomes hitter, like a slugger who can't slug. To watch him hit is sad - he waits patiently for his pitch, fouling off crap, getting deep in the count... then, when he gets his pitch, nothing. I'm guessing that they'll elect to decline their 2007 option on him. I wouldn't be terrifically surprised if Spiezio, and not Dobbs, is the odd man out when Bucky comes back. Not that it will make a dime's worth of difference which guy that can't hit is on the bench.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

An overlooked encouraging sign early in the season: Hargrove understands that a relief pitcher can go multiple innings. BoMel seemed to believe that there was some rule that a reliever had to come out at the end of every inning. This is very dumb - if a guy has his good stuff, pulling him quickly can cause lots of problems. Not least, it can expose the back of the bullpen needlessly. I'd love to see guys like Mateo and Franklin get two inning stints every third game or so - it will make a 6 man pen more workable. Hell, would they even get bold enough to go with a five man pen for a stretch? Not that I see this as a real possibility, but I think it would give the M's a nice competitive advantage (or would if they had another good bat to bring up and plug in).
Matt Thornton, the pride of Three Rivers, MI, probably sealed his fate tonight. This is a good thing - the M's have better arms in T-town for his spot. This is sad - Three Rivers makes Aberdeen look like a happening, vibrant economic powerhouse. Still, a guy who spends less time over the plate than Mary-Kate Olsen has no business pitching in the majors, particularly in a tight game.

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